Restorative Environment & Home Alignment 1/2

Restorative environment and Home Alignment


What if the space you live and work could switch your “ease” button ON allowing your body and mind to calm down and your own restorative systems to be activated?

Architecture and Interior is not only fulfilling practical but also emotional and sensual requirements and thus serves both useful and aesthetic purposes. It is vital that the buildings and the spaces we are in, including neighbourhoods and cities, represent the best possible energetic environment for us. This belief lies at the core of Home Alignment, the branch of Life Alignment that provides a comprehensive system focusing on solutions for clearing and harmonising the space around us. 


In this and next month’s newsletter I talk to Silvia Martinetti, Life Alignment’s Head Coordinator, practitioner and teacher, and Giuliana Salmaso, Architect and Designer of Restorative Spaces from Italy, about the philosophy, science and art of restorative environments and how Home Alignment plays a vital role in this.



Giuliana, you are an architect, tell us more about your relation to Life Alignment?


Yes, I am a qualified architect expert in designing restorative environments. Since I can remember I have been passionate about designing and about personal wellbeing. A decade ago, I felt the need to join these 2 passions and started a transformative journey of studying and researching around the impact that a place has on behaviour and happiness of people. This quest got me in contact with Home Alignment and the teachings of Dr. Jeff Levin. I fell in love with the effectiveness and the simplicity of this methodology. 

Today I integrate the art of designing with the science of Restorativeness, Biophilia, Architectural Psychology and Home Alignment in each of my projects in order to create environments where my clients feel safe, recharged and open to the wonderful possibilities of life.


Amazing, tell us more about Restorative Environments please!


Let me expand a bit further before I answer your question.

Life follows a rhythm of Upstates and Downstates. Upstate requires energy, focus, action and mobilisation of mental and physical resources. It is when most of your stress happens.


Downstate rejuvenates your body and mind at a cellular level, giving your heart, brain, and metabolism a rest, repairing over-trained or inflamed tissues; and processing memories, emotions, and creative decisions.


Fig 1: Upstate and Downstate by Professor Sara Mednick


There is tons of research from many scientists, among them the renowned Professor Sara Mednick, a cognitive neuroscientist at the University of California, showing that well-being happens when a healthy rhythm of Upstates and Downstates is in place. In other words, Downstate activates the natural capacity of your body to restore itself and promotes better performance in the Upstate.


If you are living in a go-go-go mode, chances are high that you are feeling stressed and suffering from anxiety and chronic fatigue, unable to rest and to sleep well. To have a more balanced state of living it is a good idea to introduce to your lifestyle opportunities to recharge your batteries and this might start by transforming your home into a Restorative Environment.


Now, “Restorative Environments” are natural or built environments fostering the parasympathetic nourishment required to support your capacity for physical, psychological, emotional and social regeneration.

In Home Alignment we want to activate the restorative capacity of your home. It is a process that brings harmony into your place and into the persons who are living with you. Its effectiveness comes from working simultaneously at a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic level to activate your restore mode and relieving stress.


“To rebuild each human being needs to find their own personal oasis. A place to be surrounded by beautiful things. A place to grow, transform and become strong”

Vanessa Montfort author of the book “Mujeres que compran flores”



Silvia, you are one of our Home Alignment specialists. What made you so passionate about it?


I have been a holistic practitioner for many years. My experience and research about one’s well-being led me to realise that it is not possible to work on people without taking into account their environment. Home Alignment is for me the perfect key to unlock the interconnected flow of energy between the Soul and the Cosmos. 

As a Life Alignment practitioner, teacher and coordinator for Italy and Switzerland, my mission is to bring harmony in all aspects of life and what makes me so passionate about Home Alignment is that by balancing the home’s space, results are tangible not only for a single client but for the whole family and community.


I want to share a video with Jeff from nearly 10 years ago. It demonstrates beautifully the process and purpose of Home Alignment and we also get to see some familiar faces 🙂


Can you give us examples of typical Home Alignment requests?


Clients contact me mostly when they are in a time of change. For example when they change their job, home or move to a new country. Or they simply do not feel well in the place they are in, for several reasons.


A very useful moment to experience Home Alignment is also when couples decide to live together and need to define their own and common space. And even the other way around. Uncoupling, with the intention that the union continues to be a union of heart, even if in new ways for both adults and any children are involved.


In general the demand and understanding of Home Alignment is increasing lately.

In last month’s newsletter, Jeff was speaking about the Earth moving into the 4th dimension. In this historical moment of energy changes, more and more Human Beings feel the need to find harmony. Cosmic energy is more accessible and Home Alignment is an effective and quick tool to facilitate connection with the whole.


“As above, so below

As below, so above.”

Old Hermetic axiom


“Interconnection with the whole”, that’s such a big quest in life and for many people it’s more theoretically understandable than really tangible.


Yes, and that’s where we feel Home Alignment fits in perfectly. We both put together the below metaphor to explain this as simply as possible.

Ideal Situation: Representation of the interconnection with the whole. When love and communication flow into the house, the Soul finds a fertile ground to grow and evolve to its maximum potential, in joyous interconnection with the Cosmos.


Distorted Situation: Representation of disconnection with the whole. When we live in spaces where frequent tensions occur, we do not feel protected and we constantly keep the Upstate mode active. In fight or flight mode, the Human Being lives in constant conflict and in a condition of great stress and moves away from the flow of life. As a result your observation point is polluted and you struggle to see the connection with the whole.


“We are addicted to our thoughts. 

We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking”

Albert Einstein


Silvia: I want to tell you a story. Since 2001 Lucia and her husband Andrea have lived in a building that Lucia’s father built for himself and his 3 children. The property has never been officially divided. As a result, none of the children feel the house as their own. Lucia and Andrea are both architects but leave the house in decay and disorder. This generates frequent quarrels in the couple and never a moment of peace. The quarrels also multiply between the brothers and the building falls in ruin. Chaos creates chaos. After the work with Home Alignment, Lucia and Andrea “rewired” their passion and desire to create a harmonious domestic space together. The dialogue between the brothers has reopened and, as a consequence, the father has finally decided to resolve the bureaucracies.



In one of our next Blog-articles, Giuliana and Silvia will tell us more about the interconnectedness of home, roots and the feeling of being safe and we will receive some tips and tricks on how to start to balance our homes.