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Life Alignment

Life Alignment is for you when you long:

  • To get to know yourself better and to feel fulfilled and balanced inside
  • To transform old beliefs, patterns and blockages and to develop a new, positive self-worth
  • To actively shaping your relationships, your job and your finances the way you want them to be
  • To bring your energy to a whole new level to enjoy the day awake, full of strength and zest for life
  • To recognize and manifest your desires and needs in order to make healthy decisions
  • To Break your comfort zone and let go of everything that stands in your way to exceed your limits in life, career and spirituality full of clarity, self-confidence and commitment to go your own authentic life path …
  • A body full of health, vitality and balance to your physical structure, diseases, allergies, pain and injuries
  • Higher endurance and performance in sport activities, work and daily motivation

Life-, Home- and Organization Alignment will accompany you sustainably, individually and step by step.

It is probably the most effective and deepest transformation method of today as it gives us a way of re-aligning ourselves with our authentic blueprint. The events of our lives that are imprinted into our cellular memory influence our emotional patterns. Life Alignment gives us tools to identify and gain a broader insight into these habitual responses. As a result, we can break free of the revolving door of repeating patterns and step forward into a new more integrated life path. There is a place within us which can be relied upon for its innate wisdom because it sees a bigger picture. Life Alignment works with this inbuilt higher intelligence. It goes beyond mental concepts and reconnects us to this intelligence and our inner healing capacity. It helps us to answer the question “How can I use my gifts, my talents, so that I can better serve both myself and the world?”

Book your first life-changing session with one of our Life Alignment practitioners online or in your area and join us on our Open Group workshops online.

So many people feel unfulfilled in their lives, be it working in a soulless job, hanging on to a floundering relationship, suffering through an illness or injury that will not go away, or simply feeling a loss of direction. Life Alignment shows us that deep inside we know why we are here and how to manifest the life we want; we have simply forgotten that the power to change and make that happen lies within. With this power you can rewrite your past and shoot the movie of your future.

A Life Alignment session with a qualified practitioner will help your body and mind remember and put you back on the road to the destiny that awaits you. With a focus on the root cause of a symptom or condition, we can release negative beliefs and behaviours that are weighing us down.

Often, people come to Life Alignment initially because they may be experiencing health, relationship or career problems. Life Alignment has tools to help uncover as well as address the underlying causes of these presenting issues. These are often subconscious programmes and belief systems that are inherited or learned from family or cultural patterns. Identifying these programmes gives insight into how our history has shaped us and influenced our decisions. As a result, the person can be empowered to forge a new direction.

Life Alignment can be like a laser beam to help one gain insight into the root cause of an issue which might be unseen to others and even ourselves, and strips away the narratives we have built around our painful experiences. Because this process is led via the client’s Higher Consciousness, resolution is rapid and deep; clients choose how often they want a treatment (or ‘balance’ as it is called) – thus making it an extremely effective yet affordable modality.

Clients come out of these sessions feeling more resilient physically, much less burdened emotionally and more deeply connected with the majesty of life as they face their challenges with new eyes.

Life Alignment integrates the latest understanding of scientific and spiritual research, providing essential tools for personal and global evolution.

The benefits that can be drawn from Life Alignment energy balances are many and profound:

  • The ability to connect with the innate wisdom of your body, to facilitate the healing process
  • Insight into our past and how it has affected our growth and wellbeing, as well as tools to effect changes
  • Restoring the flow of your life, career, business, relationships
  • The capacity to positively shift your emotional responses, fostering a healthier relationship with your body, your relationships, and ultimately yourself
  • Energetic support for the elimination of toxins from the body
  • Tools to energetically protect the body from harmful Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF’s)
  • A natural confidence and trust in facing life’s challenges, empowering you to take actions that create the life of your heart’s yearning
  • A reduction in physical distress, thereby increasing your passion for life with a deep sense of personal readiness and hopefulness
  • Help in restoring balance to our physical structure, and vitality to your body systems, organs and glands
  • Through the insights gained through Life Alignment, you can have a greater recognition of belonging to humankind: connecting to a sense of oneness, an enhanced awareness of living in harmony with planet Earth, and bringing you into harmony with all aspects of your life.

Life Alignment utilizes instruments such as BioField viewer, Aura photography, Bio-Resonance machines, Scio, muscle testing, and dark field microscopy to demonstrate clear before-and-after-effects.

Life Alignment works through the energy body to raise frequency and increase homeostasis. Our knowledge of this energy field is not new: ancient and modern Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic medicine theory have been working with invisible Acupuncture meridians, the subtle bodies and chakras for centuries. Einstein said that the electromagnetic field within and around the atom is the primary agent that governs the molecule.

Kirlian photography was discovered in 1939 by Semyon Kirlian and his wife, who were able to capture ‘the coronal discharge of different objects’ – part of the etheric energy field. More recently, there have been new advanced technologies that are capable of photographing auras and chakras such as the BioField Viewer. At Life Alignment we have consistently used these technologies to validate the changes that occur through this healing process. We now know that this energy field does not end with ourselves, because it penetrates through the spaces in which we live and work. In fact all our experiences and those of our ancestry are embedded in this field. Life Alignment gives us a way of tapping into this record and re-aligning us with our authentic blueprint.


Everything you need to heal and claim the life that is destined to be yours is already within you. This simple but powerful message lies at the very heart of Life Alignment to help you do just that. 

So many people feel unfulfilled in their lives, be it working in a soulless job, hanging on to a floundering relationship, suffering through an illness or injury that will not go away, or simply feeling a loss of direction. Life Alignment shows us that deep inside we know why we are here and how to manifest the life we want; we have simply forgotten that the power to change and make that happen lies within. 

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Our Homes are reflections of who we are. Home Alignment is a comprehensive system which provides solutions for clearing and balancing your home space, workplace or plot of land, in order to harmonise the energy dynamics of the space.

Just as the body holds memories of all that has happened to us, so our home and workplace absorb and store the energy of past and present experiences and occupants and of the local environment.

How is the flow of energy and your well-being in the rooms in which you live, love and work?

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Home Alignment


Organisation Alignment is a branch of Life Alignment dedicated to bringing well-being and harmony into a project, organisation, business, family or group, tracing a safe and powerful path towards growth, wealth and abundance.

Like the body, there is illness in a business if the energy flow is blocked. Organisation Alignment is an exceptional and unique tool for economical, social and process oriented growth and is created to bring lasting success and deep positivity to your business.

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Often throughout the history of humanity, new innovative and highly effective tools have become evident, giving us new evolutionary opportunities.

Life Alignment has developed Vortex technology to facilitate the process of raising the vibrational frequencies of our food, water, community, and land. This is important because, as we heal ourselves, we become more aware of the toxicity and suffering in the world.

Vortex technology is imprinted with high vibrational frequencies channelled through significant Light Beings that have agreed to work with us and our environment.