Energy medicine is based on physics instead of biochemistry and works with the understanding that illness results from disturbances in the energy field known as the human biofield. The idea of energy medicine draws on these beliefs that our bodies are brimming with vibrational energies and frequencies. Sometimes, these frequencies can become unbalanced, blocked, or undergo negative changes. This can lead to poor health or emotional turmoil and feelings of stagnancy. In last month’s newsletter I spoke to Phillipa Lubbock about the beauty of subtle Energy Medicine such as the system of Life Alignment and Vortex Technology. In this month’s Blog-edition we will dive deeper together with Jeff into how Energy Medicine works and how it can be used to bring the frequencies of bodies or spaces back into alignment. Philippa has written articles for prestigious magazines on Energy Medicine and is known for her neutral and holistic view of healing and transformation.

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Maggie: Jeff, can you remind us how the energy field around us and everything that exists works?

The whole universe is a field of consciousness. Imagine it like this: The air around us is in random chaos; it’s just vibrating randomly according to whatever influences it. The moment we put a particular focus or intention on something the molecules become organised. This is also how the principle of Vortex Technology works. Every magnetic Vortex Card has its own wavelength which means the field is organised with a particular purpose. Also, each body point has a unique wavelength because it has a different frequency. Each thought, each feeling… all is organised by the frequency and wavelength of the related energy.

In other words, independently if we work online or offline, we put out the intention to free a blockage in the field of consciousness. Where there is blockage there is low frequency. By raising the frequency we help to release that blockage and restore the field back to its healthy, natural state. That will have an impact on different aspects of our body, life and the planet.

What is important to understand is that it’s not the practitioner that puts out a particular intention. We don’t want to use our mind but the network of the higher consciousness between the client and practitioner. This network is part of the field and works beyond the mind and knows exactly what particular frequency is needed to be established for the client’s best benefit. This differentiates Life Alignment from other mental based concepts. We attune to the higher intention which is embedded in the process of the Life Alignment System.



Maggie: Philippa, Last month we talked about the difference between conventional and energy medicine and how they complement each other. How do symptoms help us to live to our highest potential? 


A symptom is a caring friend. It arrives as a messenger, knocks, waits patiently, and hopes we’ll listen. Do we open the door, and thank the messenger? Or do we put the ‘letter’ aside, and avoid reading it by staying busy?

I love old age because there’s still time to keep learning and over the many years, my teachers have taught me to hunt for the ‘diamond’ hidden deep underground, created out of tough conditions. My symptoms tell me that something is out of balance, channels are blocked, and my body grumbles via the music of pain. However, present within every bleak, dark, even violent experience, there is hidden a bright light – a lesson, guidance, support, an invitation to grow and let our light shine.
For thousands of years, teachers, such as beloved Thich Nhat Hanh, remind us that the exquisitely pure white lotus grows only in dark, ‘messy’ mud. When our suffering feels overwhelming, it’s tempting either to run from it, or cover it up. Life Alignment gives us the courage and strength to stay with the pain and embrace it. As we attend to our messy story we come to appreciate and feel grateful to it for the opportunity to reveal more of our ‘lotus Self.’

What I’ve learned the hard way is if I don’t pay attention to the story, my habitual pattern, and change my view and understanding, I remain stuck, unable to live my life’s purpose – a life of more kindness, compassion, and respect for myself and for all living things – including snow-capped mountains and hot desert sand, alive in every atom!



Maggie: Can I feel the difference between physical and subtle energy?


Oh yes, you can! If we hold our hands, palms facing about 6” apart, we can feel the energy. We might feel tingling, and if we move our hands further away, after a while we may feel like we’re holding a ball!

From childhood we are experts in subtle energy. No one needs to tell a tiny child he’s feeling excitement as he opens a birthday present. The subtle energy sends the message and, intuitively, he feels it in his physical body, though he may not know it’s called ‘excitement’.

Physical energy is electrical in nature, has positive mass, gives us gravity and travels slower than the speed of electromagnetic light. Its wavelengths and frequencies can be measured. Modern medicine uses many forms of physical energy fields for diagnosis and treatment of disease, such as MRI, PET, UV light, pacemakers, and radiation therapy.

Subtle energy cannot be measured. It is magnetic in nature, has negative mass and travels faster than the speed of electromagnetic light. While we (most of us) cannot see subtle energy, our physical body is surrounded by a subtle energy field that extends beyond our physical form. Depending on the state of our health and emotions, our field will extend outwards several feet, or only a few inches.

The subtle energies of love, excitement, anger, fear – are felt in our body as particular physical sensations. Most of us have been in a room, felt the tension so thick you could ‘cut it with a knife’. When I feel anxious (subtle energy), I feel tight in my chest (physical energy) and my energy field shrinks.

During a balance, as we let go of fear in all its forms, our field expands. We are home. Safe.



Maggie: Jeff was talking about how the mind and thoughts influence our wavelength. Philippa, in which way does this influence our health?


  • Mind (thoughts) is the boss.
  • Feelings give them life
  • Body cells are their home

Thoughts, memories, fantasies stimulate emotions, and the body responds through physical sensation. When the mind keeps transmitting stories that arouse fear, anger, grief, the body is asked to carry and store these energies sometimes for years – until the body says, ‘enough!’ A symptom is like an alarm clock, waking us to pay attention to the effect, seek the cause… and thus a solution.                                  

Presence is the beating heart of Life Alignment and training our mind through any method that develops our ability to live more in the here and now, is the best medicine – and it’s free!


Maggie: What impact does self-development and responsibility to take care of a ‘healthy me’ have on our relationships, community and maybe even the planet?


Maggie, I sat for a few days thinking about your excellent and far-reaching question! And, like flies that zoom into a room, words darted in and out of awareness: interconnection, cause & effect, attraction, polarity, yin/yang. And there it was staring me in the face. They are all universal laws. So, I looked up The Twelve Universal Laws, and there it was – Life Alignment is truly law abiding, it lives, breathes, and teaches them!
So, if as often as possible, I were able to live my life more in accordance with these Laws, my mind would be clearer, kinder, and wiser. And that would have a hugely positive effect on me, my relationships, my work, and on the Planet.



Maggie: In which way is Life Alignment applying energy medicine?


I recall that this question needed a book… or two!

My first workshop with Jeff (module 2), is as vivid as if it was yesterday. To demonstrate the first balance, he asked a student from Sweden to lie on the table. Not only was it breathtaking to witness her transformation from anguish to peace, but also Jeff explained that during the balance, we all received healing and… that this positive energy is transmitted across the globe. A balance is never solely for the one receiving it but is always for the benefit of all beings. I’d known this as a concept, but not until that moment did the light flash on! The truth of inter-connectedness (the essence of energy medicine), now became embedded.

We know that healing energy flows from Source, the Universe. As practitioners we are conduits, ‘hose pipes’, that allow energy to flow through our hands and hearts.

The beauty of Life Alignment is that neither practitioner nor client knows, consciously, the cause of their distress or how to process and release it. Only the client’s higher Self (the doctor within) knows.

The essence of this truth accompanied the work of Dr. Albert Schweitzer, Nobel Prize laureate, who built and ran hospitals in central Africa. One day, I would learn a healing method that echoes his words:


Each patient carries his own doctor inside him.
They come to us not knowing that truth.
We are at our best when we give the doctor,
who resides within each patient,
a chance to go to work. 


And so, our work invites us to ‘step aside’, surrender to this higher authority, and be in service to whatever arises moment by moment.

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