We all know that feeling in your gut when you instinctively know that something you are doing is right or wrong. Or that moment when you sense kindness, or fear, in another’s face. You don’t know why you feel that way; it’s just a hunch. But what is it?
We will look at this question in this month’s interview with Dr. Jeff Levin (DNM). Jeff developed the techniques and methodology of the Life Alignment system over years and “downloaded” the relevant knowledge intuitively.


Maggie: Jeff, what is intuition for you?

Jeff: You like to begin with big questions, right? 🙂
I see intuition mostly as connectedness. So the ability to connect to a source of information and inspiration. This can have many ways and mechanisms and work differently for everyone. For example you can have the well-known “gut feeling”, which is a connectedness you feel through the solar plexus chakra. Then there is that guiding feeling of the heart’s desire which you sense through the heart chakra. There is also intuition felt through the brow chakra and the crown chakra where you receive pure information from divine, universal intelligence. Ultimately intuition is just a knowing through the body, not something out there. It’s a recognition, a remembering, a hearing which everyone experiences in a different way. But what’s the same for everyone, is that you have to get beyond your rational mind in order to experience the power of your own intuition. 
I love to refer to Albert Einstein’s quote in this context: 

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift” 

So we were gifted with intuition as the master and the mind as the servant. However, we’ve made the mind the master and the intuition the servant. We’ve just got it the wrong way around. 

Maggie: Why is that the wrong way around? It's not that we haven't got far with this “misunderstanding”. What is the disadvantage with mainly using the mind?

Jeff: When information is coming through the channel of the mind it’s a very strong filter that sieves the facts based on your individual knowledge and experience. It has to go beyond this, the mind has to get out of the way for that pure, neutral intelligence to come through. 

Let me give you an example: There is intuition that happens spontaneously when you train the mind to step aside. You don’t even know where it comes from, you are not aware of it at that moment. That happened to me many times. You can not try to intune it, because then the mind is already active and in the way. You allow your body to act to its instincts in an instantaneous response.
So when we first arrived in Cape Town I was living in Fresnaye. We bought a small studio-flat for the few months in a year we would stay in South Africa. It was a massive building with about 170 different flats. One morning on my way to a workshop – already running late – I rushed down to my car and another car parked there blocking me. I didn’t know how on earth I would get out of that. But my body all of a sudden ran upstairs to the second floor, down the corridor and knocked on a random door and the occupant opened with a shocked expression in his face, asking “Oh my word, am I blocking you, do you want me to move?”. So I had no idea where I was going. I could not have intuited that. Had I tried to develop it with my mind like “let’s intuit now to solve the situation …where do I go?” it would have never worked out. I just acted on the spur of the moment and afterwards I realised how have I known this? If nothing is blocking you, intuition can come as a spontaneous action – you are literally led. A big part of intuition is an inner guidance and a total surrender to something that is coming which is beyond your mind.

Maggie: That sounds amazing and easier said than done! You mentioned “training the mind to step aside”. Does this mean we can train intuition like we can train a muscle?

Jeff: Yes absolutely!
Meditation is very important to still the mind and let intuition come through louder. Through meditation you train to access that higher part of yourself and we witness weekly how beautifully it works during the guided meditation in the open Zoom-Chat with Jeff. You surrender your mind and that works even better in groups.

On an even deeper level Life Alignment is a modality which is created to guide and transform you beyond your mind to your heart’s purpose.

There are many ways to train intuition, but let’s put it this way. There are people that spend their lives praying to God asking to help their trouble and nothing ever happens, because they stay in a victim state and not taking responsibility for themselves. The universe doesn’t step in when the person doesn’t step in themselves. When you take responsibility in whatever form you do that to come into your center and to be present and this not just for yourself but for the whole, the universe pours tons of support, energy, intuition and knowledge over you. If we show up to discover our souls true purpose, beyond our ego, and be of service to humanity then the magic of the universe switches on. Showing up is enough. 

“There s no intuition if there is no trust. When you show up the universe pours tons of support over you” 

You may not trust this in the beginning, but as long as you go with whatever comes up, tenderable evidence will show up in order to manifest your faith. You can only develop trust if you know the cause and effect. It’s not an intellectual concept. Trust comes because of a big “Ah Ha effect”.

Maggie: I like that you speak of proof when it comes to trust. That it is enough to show up and have basic faith, however that we don't have to trust blindly but can count on evidence. Does this mean if we trust enough we can jump out of an airplane without a parashooter? :-)

Jeff: It is very important to be aware if the look out for evidence comes from an ego place. Evidence has got to do with the right moment and comes often when you least expect it. It has got to do with grace. The universe decearns and says “trust me first and then I give you evidence”. That’s the principle of trust. It doesn’t give you what your ego needs, but it responds to the current of trust that is already existing. Many people have given many signs but the mind hasn’t been able to see it.

Maggie: That makes sense, thank you for clarifying Jeff. You mentioned that Life Alignment sessions help to come into contact with our intuition. Can you tell us more? When is the moment we access space beyond the mind?

Jeff: When you go to receive a Life Alignment session your mind often takes you there. For example “I have back pain” or “I am stuck in my career”. However you allow yourself to be surprised and not attached to the intention, as very often the priority which comes up in the sessions seems to be completely unrelated. As you trust the emotions and body points which come up for you they reveal something to you that your mind would have never conceived. Receiving and giving Life Alignment sessions is your most powerful practice, because in that state of being you are detached to your mind/ ego. The Life Alignment team comes to support and we are literally directed to be neutral and connected. You are guided to a space which is aligned with all aspects of your unique purpose and therefore intuition opens up to you. This blissful space is the zone beyond your mind and from this place we achieve a better connection to our truth. As a result we have a more harmonious connection to the outside world, the nature and the circumstances we are surrounded with. At the same time we nurture the relationship to our Higher Intelligence and our supporting team, which surrounds and guides us all the time. The universe always supports us, but we are not always mindful of that. 

“Life Alignment is a spiritual practice which is designed to open the channel and build the muscle of your own intuition”
Maggie: Is it not unfamiliar to nurture a relationship to something we cannot see and touch? How can we develop and strengthen our relationship to our Higher Self and Life Alignment team? How do I maintain that beautiful space I am in during a Life Alignment balance”?

Jeff: For me, I have them constantly in my mind and in my heart. And there are times when I communicate with them when necessary. The more you interact with your team through thinking, feeling, speaking the more your channel of perception develops. As a result you connect quicker and clearer to the guidance which is always in your highest interest and connected to unconditional love of the source. It’s a consistent presence where you gain an ability to stay connected.

Maggie: If I go to a Life Alignment session for self-development, why does universal guidance kick in to support. How is this "of benefit for the whole"?

Jeff: The reason why we have a team of guides to support us is to become a better version of ourselves for the better version of the whole. The closer we merge to our truth the closer the planet merges to truth. In other words, the guidance which works through the practitioner uses the opportunity of the client’s issue and transmits the transformation into the collective consciousness. Every time we work on something it has a ripple effect. This is the big thing about Life Alignment. Because in our work we are guided, we are healing not only horizontally with the collective consciousness, but also vertically. On a human level and a soul level. Physical and non physical. 

Maggie: Thank you Jeff, that was very insightful and yet practical. I can say from my own experience that there is a life before and after Life Alignment. It is very difficult to despair when you always know that there is a tool you can use to get connected, neutral, empowered and inspired. I trust in this lifestyle. There is of course still duality in me. But I see how little by little the trust in my inner voice during a session merges with the trust in myself and my intuition during the day.

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